We are excited to be planning 2023 and look forward to the events, professional development, community involvement, and business advocacy the Chamber is planning!

Our schedule of events for 2023 has been released and uploaded to the website, and we are thrilled to be continuing our traditions of our Lilac Times Arts and Crafts Fair to kick off Lilac Times, and our Lilac Ball to honor the 2023 Lilac Court.  We are also excited to be actively planning Farmers Market, we couldn’t have been as successful as we were without the amazing support of our community and our vendors, and all of the vendors are excited to return along with many new vendors!  We were very pleased to partner up with many organizations within the community to participate in many community events, including the Lilac Parade and Spooktacular 2023.

You will also be seeing some positive changes in some of our programs and membership benefits.  I, along with the Board of Directors, are planning some exciting changes to some of our existing programs to bring our members and our community professional development, government advocacy, and growth to businesses. 

There are also many businesses that face challenges in todays economy.  These challenges include the cost of doing business, staffing, and supplies.  We are working hard to assist our businesses with these challenges, including working with Small Business Advocacy Council and Illinois Chamber to overcome these challenges, and even assist with introducing legislation that addresses and gives options to ease these burdens on our businesses.  We are committed to doing our part in keeping our community vibrant and stable. 

As always, if anyone in this community or any of our members want to ask questions, chat, or discuss any challenges they are facing, I am easily accessible and will be happy to set some time to talk.  I am privileged to serve this community, and look forward to many more years serving Lombard.